Derry Haws

DERRY HAWS, Realtor®
Dupont / Logan Circle

1617 14th Street NW | Washington, DC 20009

Direct: (202) 285-6702
SP98361986 DC, 0225205228 VA, 606404 MD

Derry Haws is a great believer in always learning and adapting. Early in her career in film and television with the BBC she was taught that it was important to be able to work together in a positive professional way to achieve the very best outcome. Derry says the BBC taught her the meaning of the word excellence and launched her into a successful career as a freelance makeup artist, making up stars such as David Bowie in Labyrinth, Paul and Linda McCartney in several videos, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Heart, Stevie Nix, Diana Ross and many more during the age of the glamorous rock and roll videos.

Working under pressure, meeting deadlines, and caring for people's reputations are just as much a part of Derry's experience as a Realtor® today as when she was a makeup artist.

Derry and her husband relocated from London to Georgetown in 1998 and remodeled their historic home on N street, so not only is she familiar with relocation first-hand but she completely understands and can advise on the process that is involved in remodeling historic homes. Derry's international experience, a keen ear for listening to her clients' needs, and a keen eye for helping her clients visualize possibilities are just a few of the qualities that Derry brings to the table. She is passionate, caring, knowledgeable, and professional and able to find creative solutions to challenges.

This past year has given her a sense of great pleasure as she provided each of her buyers or sellers a gift of a tree at settlement.

With every home, a tree is planted.

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